Frequently Asked Questions

How does your pricing work?

We have a baseline of pricing for our standard documents, on a per-hour basis + variable fees (rapid turnaround, live session etc.) where applicable. For a more bespoke project, we will send you a quote once you outline what you're looking for.

As there are a lots of variables in longer, more complex writing projects, it's hard to provide concrete pricing without an overview of the various components. Nevertheless, we do our due diligence upfront to avoid additional costs throughout the project.

How does Quick Quote work?

Send us an email outlining exactly what kind of documentation you require:

  1. Meeting Minutes/Summary
  2. Technical writing
  3. Bespoke Services
  4. Longform Project (whitepaper, research piece etc.)

Don't forget to mention whether you need your writer to attend a live session. Remember it's simpler and lower cost if you can send us a recording, to work in asynchronous mode.

How do we share files?

We find that it's easiest to simply share files with whatever system your team habitually uses.

Is logline an agency?

No. This is why we can attract customers that are priced out by agency markups.

How do you take payments?

We use a Stripe payment checkout for simple online payments. When your document is ready, you'll get a notification that takes you to the checkout. (For recurring French corporate customers, traditional invoicing is possible.)

Do you have a quality guarantee?

To ensure that you get what you need, we'll send you a preliminary draft (usually 2-3 pages), to iron out any issues of style or methodology. We will go the extra mile to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the final work. Producing well-written, readable documents is fundamental to our work.

Can I get a sample document?

Confidentiality is critical in our business work, so we can't share any proprietary documents, but we are happy to prepare a one-pager to give you visibility on what your completed documentation will look like. We like to eat our own dog food, so check out our own docs and blog posts where we stretch our fingers!