About logline

Why hire a professional writer?

If you and your team have limited bandwidth (namely time) to devote to drafting memos, summaries or other key docs, it’s best to outsource this work. Having an experienced writer who focuses entirely on the project at hand inevitably leads to better results.

Equally important is the quality of the writing. If you don’t have the fluency or experience (perhaps you’re a non-native English speaker), then it’s critical to delegate the drafting of important docs.

There can be important legal and reputational risks to producing substandard documentation. For example, in the API economy software documentation is customer-facing copy. If a small startup in Paris has a killer app, but the docs and man pages are written in Frenglish, this is going to hurt them on the international market.

Many teams find it hard to produce quality writing when they need it most. logline was founded to provide flexible, high-quality services for these teams.