Language is our most important technology

When your meetings are covered by a professional technical reporter, you get to delegate an often overlooked task and extract more value from these sessions. Taking time to synthesize, summarize and edit critical debates, our writer can be an effective catalyst for your organization.

Our services allow you access to a professional writer in an asynchronous, flexible collaboration. We can join your video call or teleconference, or better yet, just send us the recordings to work in perfect asynchrony.

The economic benefits of clear, effective communication cannot be overstated today. In the face of a litany of unknowns, we must at least be able to articulate what we do know. Language is still our most important technology. Outsource your business documentation to save time, improve your written output and stay focused on essential operations.

Human readable docs

Technical writers are first-class citizens in large-scale modern engineering teams, but for a number of reasons, your team might not have an embedded writer focused on technical communication. logline assigns a professional writer to plug this gap when you need it most.

This service is aimed at 3 broad groups:

  • Small teams
  • Non-native English speakers
  • Budget-constrained startups

We help you draft and edit your docs, guides and man pages to produce clear, readable companions to your software. These docs are the bridge between your code and the people who use your code. We help you complete your thoughts, make the implicit explicit and illuminate the murky corners of your programs.

English: the lingua franca of science

We work with scientists at various points in their workflow and project maturity. We help teams plan, record and document project roadmaps, critical meetings and prepare feasibility studies.

Science is a collaborative effort of diverse, multi-disciplinary and multi-lingual teams. The many benefits of diverse teams are now well acknowledged. However, a team's output invariably gets compiled into the English language for communication to the scientific community. This can become a chokepoint for teams at the worst possible time.

logline helps you sidestep the panic that comes with drafting and editing your key documents. As the lingua franca of science and technology, high-quality English communications gives your team a head start.